Eric Matthews

Website Editor DMCZWC

Age: 60
City and Country of Origin Beaverton, Oregon U.S.
What does your family think of your racing? I'm nuts
How many times have you been to the Don Matthews?

Professional Life: Retired HS Biology Teacher
Favorite Race Bike Growing up CZ s
What was your first race, and what kind of bike was it: 1973 Slow Spokes Track, Oregon: 1973 Husky 125
What would you like to take home that symbolizes your experience with racing here in the Don Matthews? A lot of new friends!

I was around bikes at the age of 10 when dad brought home a CZ Sidepipe still in its crate. Soon after Don started on an AT-1,
stripped it down and raced with it. I started racing just about the time Don went into the Marine Corps with a brand spanking new Husky '73 125. I quit riding until Don brought home to me (in 2006) a  '76 Husky 175. Haven't stopped since.

Hobbies (present or past)


skin diving 


hobbie cat racing

Volunteer Work

  • Web editor DMCZWC 
  • Web Editor & Database Administrator ChimpanZoo ( a program of the Jane Goodall Institute