Lee rook

Age: 47

City and Country of Origin: Northern Ireland 

Family: Natalie, Ella, Jessica

What does your family think of your racing? They like that fact that I love doing something that puts a smile on my face!

Professional Life: Horticulture

What was your first bike? Itlejet 50 cc Yellow

What do you like about racing in the U.S. :  The Sunshine and old a new friends

What would you like to see in the U.S.: The Sunshine and Big Red Trees

What kind of Food and Drink would you like to try while here:  Some great BBQ

What would you like to take home that symbolizes your experience with racing here in the Don Matthews? Meeting up and having a few beers

Awards and accomplishments

Getting up Every morning!

What would you like to say to the Americans and other racers? Have fun and mine is a Cold one!

Third time at the DMCZWC