The Don Matthews CZ World Championships on CZ Pirate TV




The 6th Annual Don Matthews CZ World Championships were held on April 27 and 28 at MMX Racing in Marysville, California. 361 entries, topping last year’s 250, came from around the world, with 30 International riders including a die-hard CZ enthusiast from New Zealand!

The weekend began early Saturday morning, with a spiritual invocation from Hawaiian John DeSoto and his brothers, followed by an introduction of the International riders. The highlight of the morning was CZ Pirate TV’s interview with Zdenik Velky and Jaroslav Falta, National Team Czechoslovakia riders from the early 70’s who had not been interviewed in America since 1975. The Bike Show, featuring some of the world’s most beautifully-prepared vintage machinery, wrapped up the morning, and Saturday afternoon saw a lengthy practice session followed by Sunday’s full slate of vintage and post-vintage racing.

This DVD will take you through early Saturday all the way to Sunday’s post-race awards ceremony, with interviews and clips from some of vintage motocross’ most beloved figures, including DeSoto, Brad Lackey, Dave Coupe, and Jim Stein. But the focus of this DVD (and the weekend) is not the many celebrities and racing legends in attendance but everyone else who came to the event. 

There are many fun and candid moments, and you’ll probably see a friend or two or even yourself out on the track or joking around in the pits.

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The 2018 Don Matthews CZ World Championships featuring the Harry Taylor Cup were held for the first time in its 5 year existence on May 5thand 6th at MMX Racing in Marysville, CA. 250 entries coming from across the United States, including 10 experts from Europe, battled it out for the coveted CZ World Champion status in a an event filled with intense racing and heart-felt emotions.

The weekend began with the Robin Hannah Day ceremonies, with a special flyover honoring Robin and a raffle for his beloved “Maizco” creation, followed by one of the world’s finest vintage bike shows. Saturday afternoon saw 3 hours of practice followed by Sunday morning racing.

With old-school motocross heroes John DeSoto, Jim Wilson and Rex Staten out on the track, and former World Champion Brad Lackey in the pits, you’ll be reminded of the days when motocross and its stars captured the world’s attention. This DVD will take you through the entire weekend and show you just what makes the Don Matthews beloved by many: the family-like camaraderie, the gorgeous expertly-built bikes and the intense, competitive racing!

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The 2017 Don Matthews CZ World Championships featuring the Harry Taylor Cup, a 3-day event held at the legendary Hangtown Motocross Track near Sacramento, California, saw riders from around the world come together in what has been described as a "helluva epic weekend!"

The Don Matthews has become a must-attend weekend for vintage motocross enthusiasts the world over, an event which features the Bike Show, with some of the most finely prepared CZ, Hodaka and mixed-brand motocross machines to ever be assembled in one place, followed by an extensive practice session and Sunday's heavily-contested Race Day on one of America's most iconic motocross tracks.

With motocross legends John DeSoto, Mary McGee and Brad Lackey wandering the pits to some of the most acclaimed bike builders showing off their machines, the 2017 Don Matthews DVD is a behind-the-scenes overview of the entire weekend, and will surely wet your appetite to attend next year's race.

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