Trevor Calderwood


Name: Trevor Calderwood

Age: 56

City and Country of Origin: Northern Ireland

Family: Married to Caroline; Two daughters: Leanne & Kerri

What does your family think of your racing?

Mixed feelings, as I have had a few bad injuries, but it’s hard to stop doing something you love.

Professional Life: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Business

Favorite Race Bike Growing up: 1976 Yamaha YZ 125

What was your first race, and what kind of bike was it: 1975 KTM 125 at a local Youth race.

What do you like about racing in the U.S.: Everything.

What would you like to see in the U.S.

Life time Ambition and Dream come true, to race in America (Love it).

What American food or drink would you like to have while you are here?

Burgers of course. Maple pancakes. The usual and lots of Budweiser.


What would you like to take home that symbolizes your experience with racing here in the Don Matthews?

You know a lot of people like trophies, I just like the memories of meeting great people.

Awards and accomplishments:

2016 CZ World Champion…

2016 50 + Classic Motocross Des Nations Winner…

Several NI Classic Championships

What would you like to say to the Americans and other racers?

I have to say the friendliest people ever, since I came over. The American people have been so good to me, made a lot of lifetime friends.

 A big thank you to Robert Finnegan from Las Vegas who kindly sponsored a Cracking CZ to ride last year and this year.

How many times have you been to the Don Matthews?

3 with 2018.