FEATURING THE ROBIN HANNAH CUP

                              April 24th -26th    2020



Mission Statement

 The Original CZ World Championships, featuring CZ motorcycles and ALL BRANDS of Vintage and long-travel MX support classes, are held the last weekend in April every year. This is THE premier vintage motocross event on the West Coast and we welcome all riders from all organizations as long as they love vintage dirt bikes, camaraderie and to race for the love of the game. 

The Original CZ World Championships is a labor of love put on by a small group of people with a true passion for vintage motocross; we come to this race for something more than just winning trophies, although we certainly value that part of it, yet what makes this race special is the people who come from around the world to participate in something fun, interesting, memorable and stress-relieving. 

We get enough stress out and away from these pages, and the Original CZ World Championships and CZRiders.comis a place where people come to learn about the race and to share thoughts, comments, ideas and images on how to improve it.


MMX Marysville 

The Original CZ World Championships

MMX, 981 Shad Rd, Marysville, California 95901 , United States