Photographers of the DMCZWC 2018

Moto Image

Moto Image   A Major Contributor of photographs for the DMCZWC 2018 

all photos copyright David House & Dorene Payne

the Danny Deadmore Collection

Danny's Artistry 2018....more to follow

all photos copyright Danny Deadmore

the Phil Palmer Spectacle

Phil's enthusiasm fills the atmosphere!

photos coming soon...and he has Go Pro!

all photos copyright Phil Palmer


Mission Statement

The Don Matthews CZ World Championships welcome all riders from all organizations as long as they love vintage dirt bikes especially CZs, camaraderie and to race for the love of the game. The Don Matthews race is a labor of love put on by a small group of men and women with a true passion for vintage motocross; we come to this race for something more than just winning trophies, although we certainly value that part of it, yet what makes this race so special is itself, people who come from around the world to participate in something fun, interesting, memorable and stress-relieving.

We get enough stress out and away from these pages, and the Don Matthews CZ World Championships and is place where people come to learn about the race and to share thoughts, comments, ideas and images on how to improve it. Don Matthews was considered to be one of the friendliest and most generous men in the  vintage motocross world; he would literally give you the part you   needed for your broken bike and never ask for a cent in return. This  event bears his name, and more, carries his philosophical attitude   with it, which is why it has become as successful as it now is.


MMX Marysville 

Don Matthews CZ World Championships

MMX, 981 Shad Rd, Marysville, California 95901 , United States