Cycle World 2016

Cycle World Article written by Brian Catterson


Special Trophies: Hard Luck Trophy

The Annual Hard Luck  Don Matthews Tank Trophy

Origins: This is an original Don Matthews do you know? Well take a look at it. It was all done in One day with the help of Don's Pelvis.

This trophy is very special. It is awarded every year to the person through no fault or maybe a little fault of their own who had trouble completing the Race weekend ( which includes Practice).


2015  Ed Sims

2016 Brian Catterson

2017 Winthrope Hiers 

2018  unrewarded.

2019 Mike Ripper

To win this wonderful trophy there will be a few additional ways to achieve it other than personal harm...but all must be race stoppers (can't be repaired).

"crash and burn"

"finding out your gas was turned off in the first lap, broken cables, tripping over your two feet...breaking your foot, broken levers, holes in pistons, etc., this sort of thing. 

Must be reported to a DMCZWC Race Committee person to be eligible.

The condition is temporary ownership- you may place a sticker or two on it. the Trophy must be returned every year...for the next lucky soul!

                   Who will be the most Worthy?

All in the Family!


This year I think I'm going to give the Sidepipe a much needed rest. Instead I will bring the Coffin tank.

I have another of Don's builds.  He originally built this 73 Coffin Tank for my dad (#12)  who raced back in the 60's and 70's (cz's and husky's). 

Don wanted dad to get back on at age was a willing participant!


Dad raced a few times with it. Then he and Don went out practicing one day. Dad had a heart attack on it.  Dad said, "Don't tell your mother". As if she wasn't gonna find out.

Dad then loaned  it to his friend of approximately the same age. He had a heart attack on it.  So his friend gave it to me (#226) around kept up its reputation. I broke my collarbone on it in 2009!  But I do love the bike...All in the Family!