Danny Gonzalez Sr.


Name: Danny Gonzalez Sr. 

Age: 59

City and Country of Origin:  Channel  Islands Harbor, California


What does your family think of your racing? They have supported racing all my life and my son also. 

Favorite Race Bike Growing up:Always wanted an Elsinore, now I race a trick one.

What was your first race, and what kind of bike was it: 1972 Indian Dunes, Friday night , 100 Beginner Class, Johnny O’Mara lived up by me and we used to dice it out.


Awards and accomplishments: 2017 Husqvarna World Championship 250CC Class. Many time CALVMX Sportsman 125 Champion. Member of Team USA at the  Classic Motocross de Nations in  Ahun France 2018  


What would you like to say to the Americans and other racers? I appreciate all the friends I have made at the track here and in Europe…the racing is fun and the fellowship is what keeps me coming back…when I raced in Europe I was amazed how the French people treated me. It was an amazing trip and I would recommend it to all my fellow racers…Classic Motocross de Nations France. 

How many times have you been to the Don Matthews?

This will be my 4th Year.