Harold Koehler



Age: 60

City and Country of Origin: Chico California, USA 

Family: Sons Nick, and Cory  

What does your family think of your racing? My family has always supported me in this. I believe that they still think it’s cool that Dad is still racing instead of setting still.

Professional Life: Owner of an Aerospace design company and College Lecturer at California State University, Chico

Favorite Race Bike Growing up: Maico

What was your first race, and what kind of bike was it: A motocross race at Four Corners Raceway on a Kawasaki 163cc F-3

What do you like about racing in the U.S.:  There is all kinds of racing in the United States

What would you like to see in the U.S.: I would like to see more of the country. 

What would you like to take home that symbolizes your experience with racing here in the Don Matthews? I wish that I could keep all of my European racers here longer. I was fortunate to race last summer in France. I wish that I could race with the people that I have met since the beginning of the DMCZWC more often. I have met a lot of people here at the event from Europe. I got to meet a number of French, Irish, Belgians, Scottish, and English racing last summer in France as well. It’s unfortunate that we all can’t get together more often.

Awards and accomplishments: 2015 AVDRA GP I, and GP II 250cc Intermediate Champion. Most of all, proud Father of two.

What would you like to say to the Americans and other racers? I would like to welcome our European riders to our country. I hope that you will enjoy racing here. I hold friendships and family very dear. I would like to welcome you to the family.

How many times have you been to the Don Matthews? Since the beginning