Mirco Mistrorigo      Leslie Hale Roberts

Massimo Signorin       Leslie Hale Roberts

Franco  Rippa                Leslie Hale Roberts   


Mirco Mistrorigo

Mirco Mistrorigo is a young racer from Veneto, Italy, with a strong passion for vintage motocross bikes and is a collector of Honda and Maico brands. 

Mirco is an emerging racer with numerous victories in the Veneto and Italian championships, along with many appearances in international competitions with excellent results. 

Being younger, he prefers to run in categories with more recent bikes, from 1980 to 1989. 

He is a great coach and mechanic, and is very attentive to perfection and quality in achieving the bike’s best results.

He is looking forward to the DMCZWC Big Event!







Massimo Signorin

Massimo Signorin is a Veneto, Italy, motocross racer who has distinguished himself in various international motorcycle events. He is a big fan of vintage motocross bikes and is a collector of the Beta and Maico brands. Massimo is versatile and complete driver who is at his best with large displacement motorcycles like the 500cc.

Massimo has an extensive list of racing victories:

1st at the Trophy NordItalia 250cc 1981

1st in the Veneto Championship 250cc 1982

5th in the Italian Juniores 500cc 1983 Championship

5th International competition in Maggiora 1983

In 1983 he participated in three World Championship races (Italy, San Marino, Holland)

In 1984 he participated in two races of the World Championship (Austria and Switzerland)

1st Classified UEM ALPEADRIA cat. Superbike with Honda CBR 1000 - 2007

2015 1st Italian championship IMF 125 cc

2016 1st Italian championship FMI 125 cc

He will be quite the threat at this year’s Don Mathews!


Franco Rippa

Name: Rippa Franco alias El Diablo

Age: 57

City and Country of Origin: Santhià - Italy

What does your family think of your racing?

The races are a great moment of aggregation between friends, but when the gate comes down we are all against everyone. Impossible to think badly.


Professional Life: Computer scientist

Favorite Race Bike Growing up: CZ, KTM, SWM, Suzuki, Maico

What was your first race, and what kind of bike was it:

1974 - Ancilotti 50cc

What do you like about racing in the U.S.:

Everything, it has always been a dream of mine to come to U.S.A. to make a race, Thanks to Robin and Leslie my dream came true ............


What would you like to see in the U.S.:

America is a great country, it has always fascinated me since the 70s when in Italy you saw on television Happy Days with Fonzie and other television series then the films of American Graffiti and those of Cowboy and I liked a lot. I would like to visit it all one day.

What American food or drink would you like to have while you are here?

And here guys are tough for you, Italian food has no competitors at the finish line always comes first. I still like your barbecues and fish dishes on the Californian coast.


What would you like to take home that symbolizes your experience with racing here in the Don Matthews?

I already have so much in my heart, I take home every time I come your memory and your friendship that is the best thing.

What would you like to say to the Americans and other racers?

That you are real passionate and you have in the heart the tradition and so much joy, every time I return to Italy I bring all your friendship with me. Thanks Friends.

How many times have you been to the Don Matthews?

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